For 15+ years OXIN has been in the business of the design, the production and installation and the maintenance of bespoke kitchen systems aboard passenger ships and large leisure yachts.

This is a highly specialized sector, with only a few players, given the barriers of entry imposed by strict hygiene and safety exacting certification standards required aboard, resulting in stainless steel processing operations towards higher quality and specialisation.

OXIN is the only company in the sector providing fully Made in Italy systems delivered in turnkey projects to shipbuilders and owners across the world.

To design and create such systems starting from ‘ferro nave’ (or ‘ship’s bare iron’) is a complex task, as the result of different challenges coming into play – start with the complexities of multiple integrated systems aboard and include hospitality and catering issues posed by the guests volume aboard increasingly-large cruise liners.

Part of larger 100%-Italian conglomerate SOMEC gruppo since 2016, OXIN plays its leading role as a hyper-specialised, fully accredited supplier with highly skilled workforce of 110 – engineers, technicians and craftsmen, deployed across a number of shipyards in Europe, the Americas and ASIA, delivering their excellence ‘a mano e su misura’.