Founded in 2004 as the marine division of a kitchen maker in the stainless steel district of Treviso, OXIN mission is to provide solutions at both ends of the challenges aboard large cruise liners: engineering capabilities required to fit kitchen systems within naval, complex energy, control and safety systems and specific know-how of the catering requirements as results of offering formulas, serving time to guests in the thousands.

As every project poses new challenges and OXIN banks on a a large number of completed projects, the company is capable of delivering complex projects through its highly experienced workforce, including the craftmanship required in the production and in the finishing of all the elements of professional galley systems.

The company plays a process-innovation workbook led by its individuals in every step of the project management, resulting in a formidable problem-solving benefit to the client. Its engineering capabilities and its understanding of the catering volume model aboard large cruise liners are key in the company’s value proposition. 

In the last 8 years, OXIN has created kitchen systems aboard 30+ newly built cruise liners built in 10+ shipyards, with many other refit projects carried out in 15+ shipyards located in ports and drydocks as diverse as Panama, Bahamas, Vietnam or Singapore and Norway.

With kitchens eating up more than a third of the power aboard, energy efficiency is one of the sustainability challenges OXIN is involved with clients to improve; galleys safety requirements in the interface with ship’s mother systems are tasks clients trust OXIN with; the most stringent hygiene certification required by the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) is OXIN’s bread and butter. 

OXIN is the Italian master of on-board kitchen systems.